What’s Astrofacts?

Makena, Charae & Adam bringing Astrofacts to the masses!

Makena, Charae' & Adam bringing Astrofacts to the masses!

Astrofacts is a partnership between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Maui-based youth radio station radiOpio (KOPO-LP 89.5 FM) to bring astronomy-themed programming to the community developed for kids, by kids.  It is inspired by the International Year of Astronomy 2009, orgnaized by the International Astronomical Union (yes, the folks who demoted Pluto).  Astrofacts touches on all aspects of astronomy and space science, as well as science-related topics relevant to the Maui community.   We are guided by the principals of ‘oli ‘oli (fun and enjoyment), kipaipai (encouragement and inspiration) and akamai (good old smarts!).

Astrofacts is organized by MIT Professor of Physics Adam Burgasser and radiOpio director Laura Civatello.  Charae’ Tongg, a rising junior at Seabury Hall, edits, produces and contributes to the writing, vocals and sound effects for the Astrofacts programs.   All recordings and broadcasts are made at the Paia Youth and Cultural Center (PYCC) in Paia, Maui, Hawaii. Pete Swanzy, Hekili Multimedia Lab Manager at PYCC, provides technical assistance.  The Astrofacts project is supported by research and education funds provided by MIT.

Audio files for each of the Astrofacts broadcasts can be downloaded from this ftp site.


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