Making Friends with the Night Sky: What is Night?

The night!

The night!

Maui astronomer Harriet Witt asks a simple question: what is night?  The answer requires us to view our planet from a completely different perspective. The answer just might surprise you.

Listen here [4:24m]:

What’s the facts:

Night or nighttime is the period of time when the sun is below the horizon. Nights are shorter than days on average, but vary in length as it is based on factors such as season, latitude, longitude and timezone. Night lets our bodies know when to sleep and when animals can go out to hunt, but it’s also important to science. Without the absence of the Sun, we may never have seen the stars in the sky, and astronomy would not be what it is today. So next time you’re taking out the trash and you get spooked when something stirs in the dark, take a minute to look at the sky and appreciate it, and remember that light is right around the corner.

Original air date 30 June 2009.


One response to “Making Friends with the Night Sky: What is Night?

  1. I luv 2 stare at the stars, if im stoned an its really dark il stare at them 4 hours as i slip in 2 euphoria..

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