Interview with Prof. Robert Jedicke

Astronomy Robert Jedicke: killer asteroid hunter!

Astronomer Robert Jedicke: killer asteroid hunter!

Charae’ interviews Prof. Robert Jedicke from the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.  Robert works with the Pan-STARRS project, a survey that plans to image the whole sky repeatedly to search for moving and variable sources, from nearby asteroids and comets to the most distant supernovae in the Universe.  Robert is manager of the Pan-STARRS moving object processing system that will discover more asteroids and comets each month than have been found in the past two centuries, including ones that may get dangerously close to the Earth (such as Apophis).  He’s also had a very non-traditional career path, going from professional football to particle physics to software engineering to astronomy.  Robert describes how he got interested in astronomy, and what the chances are that we might get hit by the “big one” in the next century.

Listen here [15:48m]:

Original air date 16 July 2009.


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