There’s a Rumor About Mars…

Are Mars & Earth an item?

Are Mars & Earth an item?

Whoa snap!  Rumors are swirling!  Word on the street is that red-hot Mars and cool-cat Earth have been getting closer…. but are the rumors true?  And is red the new black?  Chuck Abuck at Planet Magazine cuts through the hype with an exclusive interview with Mars himself!    [1:40m]

Listen here:

What’s the facts?

Sorry folks, the rumors are false.  Every year around August emails circulate about the impending close approach of Mars, when it will appear to be “as large as the Moon in the sky.”  It is true that in August 2003 Mars did have its closest approach to Earth in about 60,000 years, passing within 56 million kilometers (35 million miles) of our planet.  This made Mars slightly larger and brighter than usual, but nowhere near the size or brightness of the Moon, which is only 380,000 kilometers (235,000 miles) away.    For some reason, this event is reported as happening every year, but really, it was soooo 2003.

Original air date 23 June 2009.


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