Intergalactic Weather Channel: It’s Cold on Pluto

Folks aren't happy out on Pluto these days

Folks aren't happy out on Pluto these days

Intergalactic Weather Channel’s Trisha Takanawa and disgruntled reporter Jake Jacobs bring you weather conditions from distant dwarf planet Pluto.  Seems like Jake has a chip on his shoulder about this assignment. [1:21m]

Listen here:

What’s the facts?

Tiny Pluto is one of our most far-flung worlds, orbiting at a distance of between 4.4 billion and 7.3 billion kilometers (2.7 billion to 4.5 billion miles) from the Sun.  Because it is so far away, Pluto receives a small fraction – only 0.04% – of the Sun’s radiation as compared to what we get here on Earth.  As a result, the surface of Pluto gets down to a chilly -240 degrees Celsuis (-400 degrees Farenheit).  It is so cold that Pluto’s thin atmosphere, made mostly of the gases nitrogen and methane,  almost completely freezes out in the winter.  The great distance of Pluto from the Sun also means its pretty dark there, so it’s important to keep track of your flashlight!

Original air date 23 June 2009.


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